The Process


The process begins as a dialogue, interactive, and inclusive; and continues through an extended conversation that focuses on small details as much as the whole project. If we are to design to fit your needs as well as your budget, we must understand both. We talk about your wish list, your wants and desires, and your lifestyle. We discuss your building site. And we explain our fees and associated costs. The Learn process evolves into a feasibility study and tells us what is possible and probable when all factors are considered.


Taking the information learned, we develop the idea of your house. Floor plans and elevations emerge and are reviewed and modified. You can now see your home on paper, complete with room dimensions and preliminary finishes. Architectural details begin to be defined. The distinctive character of your home is illustrated. Concepts are tailored and refined in a meticulous process. Budgets are reexamined. Through this Create process we give you a more than a place to live – we give you a home.


At the Documentation stage we turn the hand-drawn images electronic. Using the latest technology, every component and dimension is outlined. Windows and doors specified. Cabinets detailed. Lighting, outlets, and switches placed. And the site plan is finalized. Ample opportunity for reviews to make certain that everything you want is set into place and changes made accordingly. Once you sign off of the drawings we give it a thorough quality control check. And your home is one step closer to construction. We walk you through the specifications and selections; choosing materials, finishes, flooring, and fixtures – always mindful of your budget. Engineering is completed. Regulatory approvals are met. Bidding occurs. Our goal is to keep you involved, well-informed, comfortable, and confident throughout every part of the process.


So the drawings are done and the numbers are in. Bank paperwork is finished. Loans are secured. Schedules are set. Ground is broken. Building begins. We monitor and control construction, handle payments, and supervise the details. This process is handled efficiently and effectively by our team, always close by and available to answer any questions. We want you to remember the building process as fondly as the planning stage. When the keys are handed to you at closing and you walk through your home in the years to come, we want to hear you always say ‘I love my home.’ Together we see your dream, Achieved.