Bridle Gate

Bridle Gate – Liberty Hill

BridleGate-White-Logos_Draft Board

Located in Liberty Hill, Texas-a small community that is looking forward into its future by building new schools and preparing for growth-Bridle Gate is a thirteen lot apportion of pristine Hill Country property, among the brilliant day’s humming birds and the cozy night’s fireflies, as well as famed picturesque Texas wildflowers, hides a place that looks like a dream. Do you have a dream of a home?

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Concrete can be cool!

Night Glow ConcreteThis is from Blaine Brownell of

From Charged with sunlight by day, pavers with embedded lights deliver safe pathway illumination at night without added electricity. This is a practical—and increasingly popular—application for outdoor circulation spaces. But what if the paving material itself could illuminate? Enter glow-in-the-dark concrete.

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